Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blogging and Education: The Value of Keeping a Journal

Blogging, as described by many web forums and articles, has many many practical uses within Education. Students can keep web journals allowing them to keep track of projects they are working on (much like an agenda is used currently), to discuss personal ideas or beliefs with others, to discuss schoolwork with others, and to communicate with the teacher about the class or ideas presented therein. Teachers can use Blogs to keep assignments posted, to update news, ideas, list useful sites, discuss projects or problems, and to open a Question and Answer (Q&A) Forum. The practicality in Blogging also allows many elements of Education to enter the world of technology. In this way, we integrate technology in Education and allow students a chance to explore reading, writing, thinking, learning, and taking an active interest in their own Education.

Blogging also appears to be an acquired taste, some will use it while others will shy away from it or decide not to participate entirely. However, quiet students that may not have spoken directly in class may be much more comfortable expressing their ideas in a web form. They can also create their own Blogs and share ideas with the teacher and with their friends, creating a social atmosphere on the internet which may be a small step towards a more social outcome off the internet.

All in all, blogging seems like a way to show personal reflection, communicate ideas, discuss, and learn. Through blogging it allows a "Web Journal" that can instantly be shared with other people. When information becomes so excessable and can be shared so quickly it allows people to open themselves up more and in a world so full of information also allows people to experiment and explore. This diverse environment opens possibilities for students that may not have had them previously. In short, Blogs are a wonderful tool for Education. With so many practical applications, the usefulness of blogs cannot be denied.


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