Sunday, September 25, 2005

Technology Outcomes

Related Technology Outcome Being Integrated:
C1 3.5: Analyze and Synthesize Information to Create a Product

Subject: Mathematics

Grade: 9

Using Powerpoint you could write a report, a product, on information that was analyzed and then synthesized. Making a project which would have been done and handed in on paper into an interactive and organized technological marvel. It also allows students to have a little fun with a curriculum that may have been deemed boring and gets them out using technology. They can include charts, graphs, and pictures to bring a project to life and help illustrate it more effectively. By utilizing Powerpoint, children gain an edge on technology and take a little of the tediousness out of something that may have been considered boring. Groups can even collaborate on Powerpoint projects and collectively add to a project of their own. It gives them a little creative license and allows them to make math their own for a time. Overall, a very useful tool in technology integration.