Sunday, October 02, 2005

Math Activities Online

A+ Math

Grade level: 5-12 but mostly usable before highschool

Description: This site involves math games where you have to play Bingo by answering and responding to math questions. A space is filled in when each answer is correct, and you keep going until you win the game. There are games that reveal hidden pictures with each correct answer, and there are also games that involve memorization (which are somewhat frustrating). Each game is timed and allows you to test your skills faster or slower depending on your speed and accuracy in answering the questions. This allows you to improve your time and get faster with answering your questions. Could be done with a piece of paper in front of you while you play the game.

- Apply arithmetic operations on whole numbers and decimals in solving problems. (Number strand ---> Number Operations)
- The GLO's covered with this activity involve operations with whole numbers and solving equations involving them. It mostly uses the number strand of mathematics and neglects the others. It does, however, provide a fun activity for use in dealing with numbers and number operations.

1) Verify solutions to multiplication and division problems, using estimation and calculation.
2) Use a variety of methods to solve problems with multiple solutions.
- Many SLO's carry extra weight in the area of decimals and operations whereas the website only deals in whole numbers and speed testing. This is useful to test skills in whole number operations and speed and accuracy. That is why I have stated it is useful before highschool.

ICT Outcomes:
1) Children will learn to use a website as a learning tool and appropriately engage the software. 2) They will learn how to use a program designed by someone else and how to follow instructions for Java programs and non-Java programs.
3) They will learn how to successfully complete the games and worksheets laid out on a website and be able to translate their work on to paper.
4) They will learn how to utilize the score reporting to make their name memorable and compare against players of equal grade and skill.
5) They will learn how to use a computer activity for both fun and learning.

C6 2.1: select and use technology to assist in problem solving
C6 4.1: investigate and solve problems of prediction, calculation, and inference
C6 4.2: investigate and solve problems of organization and manipulation of information
C6 4.4: generate new understandings of problematic situations by using some form of technology to facilitate the process

Computer Integration:
Using this website to allow children to have fun and experience math in a creative and exciting way is a good thing. Children will be able to develop hand-eye coordination as well and will be able to play a game to learn. Although this site could be more visually appealing to children, it does provide lessons and interactive games. I would personally implement this as an activity that can be played when work is done early and when they have spare time. I could see children playing this as an actual game in their leisure time to try to improve their scores. I can also attest to the fact that eventually it would get boring as you reach a plateau in skill and speed. At that point, however, the site has served it's purpose.


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