Sunday, October 30, 2005


An effective WebQuest is a collaboration of reputable sites and resources that students can use to explore and discover information on a given topic. A good WebQuest will have a nice format including a topic that needs exploration, questions that relate to the topic, sites that relate to the questions, and finally how the project teaches the students and a basic rationale. A WebQuest is an Internet-based learning tool using sites that have been pre-researched by the creator of the Quest. It is an excellent tool for focusing and shaping the exploration of the internet.

WebQuests could be used for all kinds of things in the classroom. Just like a Grand Discussion, or Jigsaw teaching methods, you can use a WebQuest design to explore a plethora of topics. It allows for peer involvement and social learning at the same time academic learning is taking place. From Ancient Greece, to the Human Body and it's functions, to the Physics of the world, to Art, WebQuests provide an excellent form to include a multitude of good resources rather than referencing from one text. This tool is a wonderful way to engage students in their learning and keep them away from harmful content. It is a way to shape and mold the path to discovery on a topic rather than leaving the students to fend for themselves on an Internet that is not always safe for exploration. WebQuests are a great idea and if done correctly, one of the best tools I have seen to educate! WebQuests Ahoy!!


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